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Rebuilding with Broken Pieces

After encountering one of my strongest storms almost ten years ago during my illness and I had to choose whether to remain stuck or to rebuild. In this book, I challenge you to rebuild during your brokenness with the pieces that you have. You have no idea how strong you really are! 


Rebuilding with
:Broken Pieces
Reconstruction Companion Workbook

Find your strength and rebuild as you read Rebuilding with Broken Pieces with this companion workbook. Perfect for individual
or group self-development.


What to Do When The Storm Comes: Finding Strength Through Adversity

This book is a snapshot of Natalie's four and a half years of turmoil, growth, and refinement. She shares how she battles a host of undiagnosed afflictions that appear suddenly and turns her life upside down, how her faith was tested and how it increased throughout loss and recovery. As the journey unfolds God reveals a bigger plan, not just for her own suffering, but for all who serve him. 

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