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These are Guildan brand 6400 soft style unisex tshirts. The gold part of the design will be foiled. You will need to turn your shirt inside out to preserve the design. Wash in cool or cold water and keep your shirt turned insite out and dry on medium heat. This brand of tshirt is true to size and pre shrunk. Iron inside out to make sure you do not burn the design. 

Created & Covered Tshirts

SKU: 364215376135191
  • These a Gildan brand tshirts. This is a soft feel and fit. The logo design has gold foiling on it so you will need to launder inside out in cool water and dry it in the same manner. Be careful when ironing to avoid contact with the logo or damage will occur. These shirts are true to size and already preshrunk. Use medium heat when drying to preserve the design.

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