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Keep Climbing!!!

Anything Worth It Is Worth the Work!
My Walker I Had To Use In 2010-2013.

I don't know about you, but I have been in a season of transition. I am transitioning from one job to another and I am getting settled into my new norm of not having to stay on the road all of the time. My prayer has been for awhile now that I wanted to have greater balance in my life. Not only for the sake of myself and my personal sanity, but also for my family as well. Before I was moved to create this blog I kept thinking of the poem by Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman titled, " The Hill We Climb." The poem itself is speaking about perseverance through struggle and turmoil in the overall arching goal of finding the greatest versions of ourselves. Now she was speaking about our nation; however, it also applies to the notion that no matter how hard the path may be in life, we must keep climbing.

As I look back over my life I can vividly see all the hills that I have had to climb and overcome. The biggest hill that I had to climb was overcoming a diagnosed disability and struggling to get my life back. I have had to overcome emotional adversity from surviving sexual assault at a young age and my parents going through a divorce; however, nothing really prepared me for losing the ability to function and care for myself. Oh the hill I had to climb physically, spiritually and emotionally! See I had to walk out Hebrews 11 and really have faith to see myself healed, even though the doctors had no concrete answers or a solution for my very present affliction. I had to look to the hills from where my help comes from; knowing that ALL of my help would come from the Lord! I had to be like Peter walking on the water and trusting God to hold me up, even when I had to use a walker to assist myself. I had to trust that the Lord would deliver me out of my tough situation.

Did it happen instantly? No, my deliverance happened over the course of a few years and I had to see it through; I had to keep climbing! This was a personal decision not to give up, even when my flesh wanted to throw in the towel. Sometimes in life while you are making your way to that place called THERE you will have setbacks and disappointments. I charge you today to keep going, keep climbing. No one will do it for you! You have to know that eventually the tide will turn and when you apply enough force or effort to any situation over time it will result in change. You have to see yourself at the finish line before you get there. Accept that you will have to put in the work in whatever you are seeking a breakthrough in your life.

Remember that in James 2:14-16 that faith without works is dead and being that you are reading this blog, you are very much alive and capable of doing the work! What you need God has already placed it inside of you. Just dig down deep and find it. You have a purpose and a destiny to fulfill. Do not be afraid to climb! Anything worth having will require work. I posted the picture of the stair climber here in this blog because it is one of my least favorite machines to use, but I know that it has the ability to produce some of the best results. I knew I had to push myself to do the hard things in order to help me produce the results that I am desiring. I also remembered that I have already done hard things before and now that I can walk right is time to climb!

Kingdom Blessings,

Prophetess Natalie Chubbs

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